I joined PTs Live Online in June I met a personal trainer called Ricky. He was very encouraging and new a lot about what he was training. I found Ricky patient informative and very likeable. My problem was getting the motivation to get started and Ricky was a great help. Many thanks Terry..
Terry Woollard
Terry Woollard PTS Live User, LONDON
I am writing to express my delight at the personal training sessions I finished about 6 weeks ago with Ricky. Ricky is a fantastic trainer who provided me with 3 months of great PT sessions. His friendly, encouraging nature enabled me to complete activities that I would not have contemplated at the start of the sessions.
Alison Mchugh
Alison Mchugh PTS Live User
Ricky Ingram my personal trainer helped me to understand that exercise does make you feel better.  I’ve also been trying to eat clean.  Ricky has done his best to keep me on track by consistently asking about my diet and sending encouraging texts, which really helps me.
Tracey Carter
Tracey Carter PTS User, London UK