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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” - Benjamin Franklin.  

With PTs Live Online you will never fail to prepare, because we will prepare for you. You can benefit from a bespoke, low cost, high output training regime; incorporating your nutritional, fitness and lifestyle needs and designed to test, motivate and better you.

PTs Live Online employ Level 3 or 4 certified, REP accredited personal trainers so you can be sure to receive the best mentoring available. These experienced, motivated industry professionals are backed by the latest research into fitness modalities and are hand picked to meet your specifications.

At PTs Live Online we recognise that no two people are the same, a training routine should be a training routine for you; your body, your life style, your motivations. Therefore, after you are grouped, your trainer will get to know you and how they can make a difference to your life.

We can design the perfect plan that will allow you to reach your goals and we can guide you towards the right lifestyle choices that work for you. You can expect unconditional motivation and non-stop support from us but it will be hard work. We expect you to push yourself in the gym or at home so that we can push you hard outside of it. We expect you to listen to and adopt the strategy we have put in place for you. We give you the energy and means to do it, you do it. We repeat it. That is how we work with you to achieve.

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We cater for

Elite Performance

A challenging platform for professionals and aspiring professionals.

Muscle Gain

We are adept in preparing you for powerlifting and setting your repetitions, sets and rest periods to push you while you remain injury free.

Weight Loss

Changes to your lifestyle, nutrition and training routine, regular weigh ins, feedback sessions and constant updates to your plan will push you to maximise weight loss quickly and safely.

Weight Gain

We will provide you with an effective nutrition plan, complete with specific supplements to compliment your routine. Eating is important for weight gain, eating correctly and training well is more so.

Fat Loss

We will utilise our knowledge of the science behind fat loss. Our committed, insightful exercise routine, coupled with a healthy and balanced approach to food and supplements will make you- lose more fat fast!

Recovery Training

Recovery from exercise training is a vital component of the overall exercise program, understanding of the physiological concept of recovery is essential for designing optimal training programs. We have personal trainers how are trained to help create safe and effective training programs for you.

Pre and post natal

We have coaches with advanced skills and knowledge specific to prenatal and postnatal exercise prescription. Some of the benefits of exercise for prenatal postnatal are more energy during pregnancy, reduced stress and anxiety, quicker recovery from birth, fewer complications in pregnancy, shorter labor time & increased self esteem!

Heart Condition

We have qualified trainers, who can design you a plan. When you've been diagnosed with heart disease or have had heart surgery, exercise is an important part of keeping your condition under control.

Sport Conditioning

We have trainers who are qualified to help people with there Sports Conditioning. It increases your marketability to elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts training for an event or young competitors who need to increase their balance, strength, agility and speed.

We have training packages to suit all members, find the best package for you.   

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The benefits of PTs Live Online:

  • Benefits of our online personal training:
  • Can be done, either at home or a gym
  • Personal trainer that suits you and your goals
  • No predictions or guesstimates, we know what you need.
  • Comprehensive physiological and lifestyle assessments
  • Regular feedback
  • Time wasting eliminated
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • Training package, tailored to you and your lifestyle
  • HALF the price of one to one personal training with TWICE the BENEFITS.
  • Strong motivation and PROVEN goal setting.
  • 24/7 support from elite trainers
  • Personal log in to update and track progress

We have the best Coaches and the Best Training Programs.

Take a look at our coaches and packages, creating a better you begins now.

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